We offer a comprehensive range of products & services
New & used shipping containers for sale
Flexible rental arrangements
Conversions done to your spec
Professional, custom solutions
Offices, classrooms, spaza shops and many more…

Wilco Containers offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Our service offering includes the following:

We stock a wide range of quality new and pre-owned shipping containers for sale.

 All containers are supplied in wind & watertight, cargo-worthy condition.

Containers can be delivered to all the main centres in South Africa, as well as neighboring countries.

We have a wide range of shipping containers available for rental across South Africa, including storage units, office units, tuckshops, ablutions, refrigerated containers and many more.

We offer flexible rental arrangements, including both short-term and long-term rentals, at highly competitive rates

Delivery to and from the client’s premises can also be arranged

We convert & modify shipping containers for various applications including offices, classrooms, spaza shops & kiosks, housing & accommodation, ablution facilities and many more.

We custom design and convert containers to the client’s exact specifications.

Containers can be installed with electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, air-conditioning and many more modifications and features.

Our workmanship is of an excellent quality and standard, giving our customers assurance and peace of mind.

All completed conversions are subject to an in-depth inspection and quality check before delivery to the customer.

See samples of our work in our gallery.

Park Homes are prefabricated modular units. They are made from durable materials, have a modern look, are easy to maintain and are long lasting. They also offer a quick and easy alternative to building a permanent structure.

Modern park homes offer the buyer a variety of uses, from offices, boardrooms, tuckshops, accommodation, classrooms, guard houses and many more.

Park homes can be manufactured to your specific requirements and delivered to your site.

We survey all types of shipping containers, including but not limited to, standard storage containers, refrigerated containers and tank containers.

Containers are surveyed according to the customer’s instructions and requirements. We can inspect containers for wear & tear, damages, food grade standards, paper grade standards, CSC plate validation and many more.

All our container inspectors are highly experienced and fully qualified. Our inspectors are certified with the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL).

Our container survey service is available in all major South African cities. Upon request, surveys can also be arranged in neighbouring cross-border countries.

Wilco Containers has a dedicated transport network that allows us to deliver containers to any location in South Africa, as well as neighbouring cross-border countries.

Containers can be delivered by flat bed trailer, side loader or crane truck, depending on the client’s requirements.

Our core transport services include:

  • Container crosshauls
  • Container cabotage- transporting of empty containers
  • Full import & export containers – we offer a fast & reliable service which covers the collection of empty full containers from site, packing & unpacking at the warehouse and delivery to the terminal or other destinations

Cabotage provides an alternative means of transporting containers. Cabotage involves the repositioning of empty containers from a surplus location to a deficit location. Cabotage thus repositioning of empty containers from a surplus location to a deficit location. Cabotage thus provides an organised and costprovides an organised and cost–effective alternative to moving boxes empty. effective alternative to moving boxes empty.
Wilco’s primary focus is on road cabotage (trucks), however, we have the capacity to facilitate cabotage via vessels and trains too.

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